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  • Barge & Bridge Lights

    Configurations of Sealite lanterns are installed worldwide to enhance the safety of bridges and structures extending over waterways. Sealite BargeSafe™ Series of solar and battery powered LED barge lights are certified to UL 1104 and COLREG-72 compliant.

  • Monitoring & Control Systems

    We offer a complete range Remote Monitoring & Control Systems provide users such as major Port Authorities and Coast Guards with the ability to effectively and efficiently monitor and control their AtoN installations from real-time data at an extremely low cost.

  • Lighthouse Equipment

    We offer a range of revolving lighthouse pedestals and lens assemblies for medium and high range duties that integrate LED technology allowing to significantly increase lighthouse efficiency while reducing maintenance.

  • Sealite LED Port Entry Lights and Leading Lights

    The Sealite range of LED Port entry lights and leading lights are typically installed to indicate a clear line of passage. Mariners use port entry and leading lights to easily distinguish shipping channel entrances, safe passage through hazardous waters, and shoulder leads to assist with large vessel docking.

About Lumenco Marine

Lumenco Marine is a Canadian owned and operated enterprise specializing in the development and distribution of marine NavAid and asset management systems. We are a distributor of Sealite NavAids systems  of quality LED lights and accessories, all the while experts in the design and implementation of lighting projects. Lumenco benefits from direct access to LED manufacturers around the world, cutting out the middleman in order to reduce costs for the end consumer. This is what has allowed Lumenco to derive a cost advantage over the local and national competition. We also provide a number of services to our clients such as lighting project consultation, project planning and installation of our products.

Why Customers Choose Lumenco Marine

  • Most Extensive Lineup of Marine Navaid Products.

    As an authorized Sealite distributor, we offer the world’s most extensive line of marine navaid products and systems on the market. Whether you are looking for solar marine lanterns, lighthouse equipment, market buoys or AIS monitoring equipment, we have go you covered!

  • Flexibility

    Have a project? Want to see and test the equipment before you go ahead with the purchase?  Know that in many cases, we make that possible for our customers. This is our approach and since we stand by the products we offer, we regularly help our clients anyway we can. Seeing is believing! 

  • La proactivité

    Collaborer avec une équipe dévouée et proactive est très important lorsque vous êtes dans l’industrie maritime. Un bris d’équipement peut compromettre la sécurité publique et conduire à des pertes financières indésirables. Peu importe la situation, nous ferons tout en notre pouvoir pour vous procurer le matériel de remplacement nécessaire dans le plus court délai possible. Nous nous engageons à être là quand ça compte le plus.

  • Integrity

    We consider all our customers to be partners; they are a large part of who we are and why we’re successful and so we always have their interest at heart. We always make sure we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes before proposing a solution, that way we both succeed.

  • Need a customized solution? We can help!

    Product development is an integral part of what we do. Our team can custom design, build or assist you in any adapting our navaid equipment to meet your specific requirements.

  • Great Value

    Providing our customers with the best products at competitive prices is something we strive for at Lumenco Marine. Working closely with innovative suppliers allows us to offer products with better overall performance and reliability then our competitors, oftentimes for cheaper too!

  • Our services

    We don’t only offer great marine products; we also offer installation services for those looking for a “turn-key” solution on our entire marine product lineup.

  • References

    Haven’t heard about us before? If you would like to speak to some of our existing customers to know what they think about us, please reach out to us and we’ll happily put you in contact. Our reputation precedes us.

Our Services

Installation and customization services
  • Installation and configuration of all our products
  • Fabrication of custom marine structures to suit various height requirement and applications
  • Product design and development services
  • Buoys positionning plan
  • Buoys positionning control
  • Buoys setup
  • Evaluation of chain lengths
  • Measurement and monitoring of water level
  • Flow measurement
  • Current speed measurement
Underwater Survey
  • Underwater infrastructure survey with 3D sonar Echoscope
  • Single beam bathymetric survey
  • Multibeam bathymetric survey
  • Sidescan survey
  • Underwater sismic survey
  • Mapping and computer assisted design (CAD)

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